Embarking on #AWorldofDiscovery with #MSCCruises

A World of Discovery on a Cruise

A World of Discovery on a Cruise 

Cruises like the #MSCCruises are increasingly becoming a star attraction over the holidays for South Africans as a hassle-free, safe and all-inclusive vacation with food, accommodation and most activities included in the cruise fare. MSC Cruises showcases a diversity of offerings that appeal to holiday makers of all ages, both local and international tourists alike who want to make the time to #Livalil. Thank you to MSC Orchestra 🙂 from the new terminal in Durban (MSC Durban Passenger Cruise Terminal) to the shores of Pomene, Mozambique. It was truly a wonderful experience!

MSC Durban Passenger Cruise Terminal

Recently, an influx of my Durban audience has taken an interest in travelling, and I couldn’t wait to fill my content with #AWorldofDiscovery

#MSCCruises sails the South African waters with approximately 40 sailings to Mozambique and to local destinations, with its most appealing itineraries varying between 2 to 14-night cruises attracting holiday makers of all ages, both local and international tourists alike – Making cruising accessible and creating excitement that cruising is a travel option available for everyone.

#MSCCruises sails the South African waters

If it’s your first time booking a cruise holiday, Congratulations on choosing the #MSCOrchestra

But now you want to know everything there is to know about your upcoming trip. As always, your girl Zahra D is here to help with the best part: packing, pictures, spa and fitness on-board, ports of call, fun activities and ofcourse, dining.

Planning a cruise is almost as much fun for me as going on the actual cruise. But for some, pre-cruise can be stressful. There are just a few key decisions you need to make in order to put together a great vacation for you and those closest to you.

What is it that you will need if you are booking your first MSC Cruise?

My experience with MSC Cruises is that they make sure from the moment  of booking to the moment of disembarking, the holiday I had been planning was as relaxing as possible. From health & safety measures, to essential Travel documents to guest details and itinerary plans.

  • Original passport for cruises visiting foreign ports such as Mozambique and Namibia
  • Original South African ID document,
  • For vaccinated guests, your original vaccination card or copy of your vaccination certificate in printed or digital format
  • For unvaccinated guests, a negative PCR laboratory test taken within 48 hours of the day of embarkation
  • Pages 2 and 3 (health questionnaire) printed from your cruise ticket for each guest travelling
  • Original unabridged birth certificates or birth certificates with details of both parents if you are travelling with children under 18
  • Children travelling without their parentsneed additional documentation, and can visit www.dha.gov.za for more information
Travel & Booking essentials

Cruises are the most versatile of vacations no matter what your age. It’s a great way to include the whole family but still have time alone. Kids enjoy the autonomy of like-minded interaction with the ‘kids-only’ activity coordinators taking charge of your children’s fun.

The first step to having a great cruise vacation is to go through the itinerary to find out everything, you’ll need to know before boarding.

Together, my mom and I planned how we needed a break from home-cooked meals immersed in a weekend full of pamper and spoils.

Pamper and spoils.

African coasts don’t have much of a seasonal restriction. So, if you’re planning on heading out to sea at any time of year you might want to consider a cruise up through the Mozambican coast, including the winter.

The Mozambican coast
The Mozambican Coast

Heading out to the Island of Pomene, our cruise offered the best choices of entertainment for all on deck. In fact, we combined going to lounge by the pool; relishing mocktails and food delicacies at the Shanghai restaurant even though the buffets on deck were filled to the brims of their service with breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks easing our way down to ample deck space of the MSC Orchestra’s elegant interiors and lavish spa treats and sauna’s with magical massages and a panoramic gym/ sports centre to stay active after being flexible on the Mediterranean cuisine, even kids could enjoy to their heart’s content in the Jungle adventure playroom and relaxed shopping scene through the MSC shop to finally end at the EFFY Jewlery store satiating all our on-board activities.

Enjoying MSC Orchestra’s elegant interiors

When it was time to get off and explore at our island stop; the exotic location of Pomene, one of the most picturesque sites in Mozambique had our senses treated to refreshing beaches, a lagoon set between the blue Indian Ocean and the waters where the mangrove forests against the wild beauty of hut villages, for just enough time to lay on the fine Pomene beach sand before we went on a snorkeling expedition to discover this underwater world.

The Island of Pomene – Mozam’

We enjoyed a greater variety of entertainment options, such as dancing and stage shows, with a fair amount of personal attention to our needs. We thoroughly appreciated our stay with MSC Cruises on the MSC Orchestra enjoying #AWorldofDiscovery ~ Let the sea set you free with MSC Orchestra.

The Promise: “We want you to discover the world in absolute style, comfort and safety by offering you an amazing state-of-the art cruising experience on-board our vessels.”

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa. Their ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and their seasonal itineraries include Southern Africa, Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Let the sea set you free with MSC Orchestra

Disclaimer: Thank you to MSC Cruises who kindly hosted my stay. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Join me on my #TravelALil adventures and allow me to expand your views through my travel and dining reviews, sharing the joy with everybody who truly needs it.

With love,

Zahra D