Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.

It’s a whole VIBE: Healthy eating

Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.
Review: VIBE Café with LivalibyZahraD.

In the running for Fact Magazine Best Cafe Award, VIBE café is your destination for living and eating like the lifestyle you choose, i.e.: healthy eating with a spectacular twist.

On my latest visit to Dubai, I made sure I stopped in between my travels for a healthy yet delicious meal to #livalil – Dubai is a dream to be a magical part of, with its dawn-to-dusk sunshine and temperatures mellowing at a manageable 24’C, its the perfect place where people from all over the world come to enjoy a piece of paradise.

#healthyeating it’s a whole VIBE

Having two branches in the UAE, VIBE al Wasl and VIBE Difc provides options for health-conscious eating with your eyes. You literally get to indulge yourself before you start eating for nutritional value.

The interior of their walls matches the depths of which they select their special ingredients to create such an indulgent scene for one’s senses. The music creates a vibrant atmosphere to ensure the visuals are captured. With a spectrum of pinks and feminine-inspired décor, the color pallet is sure to inspire the wandering taste buds of your palate. You could literally drink pineapple juice out of a life-size pineapple-shaped glass.

Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.
Featured order from VIBE al Wasl

I was joined by my friend/ associate, as we were spoilt for choice on the menu selections.

We started with the “Vibe Signature Pancake”: Pink pancake | white chocolate ganache | shaved ruby hearts I mix berries I granola dust paired with the “Mother of dragons smoothie”: Pink pataya | strawberry | banana | agave | milk and the “Passionate it from miles away”: Passionfruit | red apple | kiwi | pineapple | chia seeds.

Meeting our awakened appetite for Mains we dug into the… “What she order? Fish Fillet”: Seared salmon | cauliflower risotto | broccoli | baby potato | green peas | dukkah | beetroot tuile ending with a decadent dessert i.e.: a “Special Cake in support of Breast cancer awareness month” and the “Spanish Latte” to settle in our #Don’tKillMyVibe spirit.

With a feeling of being on a vacation; the menu, the people, the décor, and the social VIBE mimicked the feels of being on vacation while working and travelling.

Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.
Bringing people together with delectable healthy treats

Their story is a case of “cuisine meets travel”, creating an adventure of the senses. The owner “Noora Salem” needed to set a standard for balancing life represented in the way one has to come together with others and simply #EatAlil

Taking healthy eating, visual appeal, affordability, community and cross-cultural differences, it’s easy to appreciate why this café is literally a VIBE. The feeling of being present and fully paying attention to every taste, layer or sound and scene makes everyone enjoy the experience that’s completely inclusive.

So, here’s a refreshing reminder that eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, and VIBE is showing us how to step out of our comfort zones and step into the bright fluorescent spotlight … just like the one that hangs their name up in lights.

Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.
It’s a VIBE

VIBE is every foodie’s dream because the food tastes really good.

Healthy eating it’s a whole VIBE.
Summer ready from the UAE

Dubai, in many ways, can be quite overwhelming at first glance. With the man-made islands, shaped like palm trees and the world itself. VIBE picked the perfect design inspiration to serve as both an escape from the busy and fast pace of the city, and also as a fun meeting spot with plenty of creativity to keep our appetite and our conversations happy, healthy and refreshed when taking a quick break from exploring Dubai. This place is definitely a must see on your next Dubai trip #TravelAlil

Ultimately, we wish we could have spent more time at the Café since we truly enjoyed our eating experience at al Wasl but I look forward to returning to VIBE shortly to give Difc a spin around their treats.

Join me on my adventures and allow me to expand your views through my travel and dining reviews, sharing the joy with everybody who truly needs it.

With love,

Zahra D xoxo


Restaurant Review: VIBE

October 24, 2022


BY LivalilbyZahraD

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with the VIBE, hosting my lunch meeting. Please keep in mind that all views and opinions are my own.