Travel Smart and #RideSafeWithUber

As a female traveller, I find it absolutely convenient using Uber when I need to travel solo, both at home in South Africa and abroad. However, I know many women are hesitant to use them alone.

There are unfortunately many misconceptions and horror stories out there regarding safety.

I travel with Uber frequently and the features mentioned below have worked for me in staying safe and getting around responsibly. Be it taking a trip to the mall, going to work, traveling to the airport, or to work and back, I believe it is my duty to share with you how best to #TravelALil and make use of the Uber app and its safety features available

Like my brand #Livalil, Uber’s mission is to help. The company started in 2009 to solve a simple

problem – how do you get a safe, quick and convenient ride at the touch of a button? Uber is about removing the barriers of transport by providing access to affordable and safe everyday travel and delivery solutions.


I come bearing WONDERFUL news;

  • Uber has enhanced its features to ensure safety, even better reliability and more affordable travel.
  • The #RideSafeWithUber campaign aims to highlight to riders, drivers and the general public how they are setting the standard for safety with current and enhanced safety features available on the Uber app.


Being a frequent user and having worked with the brand previously, I am so impressed with how seriously, Uber is committed to the safety of the general community, including drivers and riders, by having numerous safety features available, including enhanced adaptations specifically built for COVID-19.


About Uber’s Commitment:

As the government begins to lift restrictions and people start to use Uber to get around again, they are taking unprecedented measures to help everyone who uses the app to stay safe and healthy. Uber has made sure drivers have access to personal protective equipment, cleaning and sanitising supplies they need to drive more safely on the Uber app. Uber has also made it mandatory that masks must be worn at all times during Uber trips by both the rider and driver.




Always On Safety

  • In-App Emergency Button: With the simple and quick push of a button in the app, users can connect directly to private emergency services and security response when needed through a third-party private security supplier
  • Uber ensures things like GPS tracking of every trip, giving people the ability to be able to share their trip information and ETA in real-time with loved ones.
  • Trusted Contacts: Riders can designate up to five friends and family members as Trusted Contacts to be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride or night-time trips.
  • Safety Center: Uber’s one-stop for stress-free resources in-app includes tips built in partnership with law enforcement and information about the driver screening process, insurance protections and community guidelines.
  • Check your ride: To help verify they are getting into the right car, riders have a clear view of the driver’s information including photo, license plate, and car make/model.
  • Ride check: Uber has been developing technology that harnesses the power of GPS, along with other sensors from the driver’s smartphone, to identify rare events like unexpected stops or possible crashes. In these situations, Uber can initiate a Ride Check by reaching out to both the rider and the driver to offer assistance.
  • Verify My Ride: A feature that feature provides riders with the option to receive a four-digit PIN code to provide to their driver before starting a trip


COVID-19 Specific – (Very cool and well-thought out in my opinion)


  • Checklists: Uber have launched an interactive safety checklist that riders and drivers must acknowledge before going online:
    • Drivers are required to follow WHO/local public health authority Covid-19 advice, including handwashing, cleaning cars, using sanitising products. When logging into the app, drivers will receive the checklist of steps that must be confirmed and carried out before taking trips on the Uber platform.
    • Riders will also be required to take safety precautions and will receive a reminder before each trip to follow hygiene best practices, like washing their hands before getting in the car, sitting in the backseat, and opening windows for ventilation. The goal is to educate and let riders know of best practices, regulatory requirements, and protocols when they take a ride (I can vouch for this, and let’s just say the reminder is very much appreciated).
  • Mask Detection: They’ve launched an in-app tool that detects if drivers are wearing a mask or not.
    • Drivers will be asked to take a selfie to confirm they are wearing a mask or face covering before going online. Once confirmed, riders will then receive a message that the driver is wearing a mask and has taken the precautions necessary and is ready to pick you up.
      • No Cancellation Penalty: No penalty cancellation of trips if rider or driver not wearing a mask.


On trip:

  • Masks mandatory: To help keep communities safe and healthy as people begin to move again, and following the government’s safety guidance, all riders and drivers are required to wear masks when using the Uber app.
  • Seating: Uber have made a maximum seating capacity at 50% per vehicle, and encourage riders to sit in the back seat to encourage physical distancing between riders and drivers.
  • Contactless Payment: Uber Cash options with EFT and Barter.


Post trip:

  • Safety and hygiene feedback: Riders and drivers will be asked to leave feedback in the app regarding safety and hygiene. Feedback is a critical part of users’ experience. The feedback received through these tags will be considered in accordance with Uber’s Mandatory Face Mask Standard.


The above information will help you to navigate the process in a way that makes you feel completely safe, at ease and encourages you to #RideSafeWithUber.

Time to #TravelALil and share this blog with someone who will appreciate it.


Lotta Love

Zahra D xoxo