6 Money Saving Secrets For Beginners

Money Saving Secrets For Beginners
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‘It’s important to make your money work hard for you – not the other way around’ Robert Kiyosaki, author of the No. 1 best-selling personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started. Truth is, you just have to start and be consistent with it. Ladies, below are six ways on how you can let your money work for you and start making progress towards being a lot more streetwise with your bucks 😉


  • Download a money app and get rid of debt –There are plenty of free money tracking apps available on the App Store or Google Play Store and start recording every single transaction so you become aware of how much you actually spend in a day and where you can start becoming more conservative. Get rid of any debt you have and get your life in order sis – Invoices are real, we need to keep track of where our money is going and to get it going towards things that grow and make you wealthy.


  • Skip the coffee shop Eek -This one hurts—we get it! But instead of spending R50,00 on that daily cappa, you can save money by just making your coffee at home. Okay let’s work it out R50 x 365 = R18 250 a year spent on coffee (Crazy!) Making it at home will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can invest in a flask and carry your coffee with you on the go.


  • Pay yourself first: The single best way to begin saving money is to use a technique called “pay yourself first.” This technique has been proven time and again to cause people to change their behaviour. Simply put, it’s establishing the discipline to put a certain amount of every pay check into savings for your future before you pay any other bills. Pay yourself first, and Invest! Easy Equities has a low cost, no monthly fee platform to invest in higher risk and higher reward equities.


  • Ask about discountsListen, you never know until you ask—and you should always ask. Next time you’re getting tickets at an event, concert or movie, check to see if they have any special discounts for seniors, students, teachers etc. Oh, and pay in cash. If not, never underestimate the negotiating power of cash! Lots of events are offering discounts and early bird tickets, make sure you plan your future calendar and save on doing the things you most enjoy.


  • Set targets and write them down – The difference between having an idea and putting it on paper is often what separates the uber-successful from average folks. And if you equate success with wealth, it might be time to start writing down your goals, both large and small, in order to become rich. Set targets, invest now and perhaps buy the car a little later.


  • Start a tax free account or a low-fee retirement annuity account – ask a financial expert for more information on this – someone you trust of course – so that you can start making your money grow. Tax free accounts have low fees and allow you to invest in diversified equities to allow your money to grow significantly over time (without the tax *wink*)


Ladies, let’s be honest different people save for different reasons, but in general, having savings will benefit you in the future, whether you’re avoiding hardship or going after the lifestyle you truly want.

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