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9 Confidence Secrets you must LEARN NOW!

Did you know that fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world? The time has come to find the strength within ourselves to explore and accept others’ criticisms without allowing them to damage our self-confidence. Besides – Confidence is sexy! So, let’s begin…


  1. Take little steps first – Subtle shifts in the way you dress, your body language or even the way you speak are small yet assertive steps towards gaining more confidence. Remember no one else knows what we are really thinking or feeling – it’s easy to forget and important to remember this when you feel as though your lack of confidence is evident to others.


  1. Focus on getting results! – Confident people focus their attention on Action and have less time to be self-conscious. Set yourself targets – list 10 goals you want to achieve in the next year. Keep your eyes on your vision and keep taking actions required to get closer to achieving them.


  1. Work out your USP (Unique selling point) – 1.) Figure out what is your gift that comes unusually easy to you and not necessarily to others. Don’t take it for granted as it is your gift. 2.) Work out what yours is, feel proud of it, cultivate it and return to it when you need a confidence boost. Improving and refining this skill will give you the competence which adds to the confidence.


  1. Seek out a ‘confidence buddy’ – Someone who supports you and encourages you on days when you don’t feel great or your best self. We all have those days, so call someone who picks you up when you are feeling down.


  1. Avoid negative people – maintain friendships with people that have positive outlooks and who bring out the best and most confident version of you. It is important not to dwell too much when things go wrong. Learn from your disappointments, let them go and move on – stay far away from people who make you feel bad!.


  1. Keeping fit and physically healthy – is essential in maintaining and nurturing your self-esteem. A 30 min walk is better than nothing! Be spontaneous and trust your instincts. Self-care is the biggest contributor to confidence. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and exercising are the three biggest factor’s in feeling good. When we feel good, we feel confident and able to take on anything 😀


  1. Stay motivated – Choose a motivational pic or quote that empowers you and make it your lap to screen saver, home screen on your phone or stick it on your wall so that you can feel inspired when you need it most. Also, please accept compliments with thanks and appreciation. You’re worth it!


  1. Reflect –When your confidence is low think back to times when you truly felt confident in life- it’s worth recalling those moments and reflecting on them in order to re-inforce yourself belief. Whenever you start to feel negative or self-conscious of the way you look repeat this mantra ‘I am grateful, proud and above all confident of my body’. Be kind to yourself – show the same compassion to yourself as you do to others. Be your own best friend and treat yourself as you would your best friend.


  1. Be present -When you are in an interview or audition our nerves can often get in the way of our clarity of thought. They key to coming across confidently in both your answers and manner is to stay present, focus your mind on what’s actually happening. You have what it takes! Breathing deeply helps bring us back to the present and makes us grateful to be alive. Gratitude helps us see how much we have and how lucky we are.



The world deserves the best, happiest version of you. A happy optimal you can go out confidently in the world to express freely all your talents and contributions which will definitely make the world a more beautiful one for us all J


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Lotta Love

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