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12 Pro-active things to do during Social Distancing

12 Pro-active things to do during Social Distancing


Hi Livalil lovely, as you know, this is an uncertain time for everyone. To you, as a big part of the Livalil community, we wanted to share content in our first official blog post that is important and more relevant than ever.


By Zahra D | March 19, 2020


Let’s choose to be PRO-ACTIVE by:


  • Not overeating – It’s easy to overeat during this period – stock up on healthy snacks including fruit and nuts. Try and avoid eating too many carbs, too much sugar, dairy, and unhealthy fats! Lots of veggies in every colour to keep your immune system in tip-top shape!


  • Hydrate – Drink between two to three litres of water a day – get fancy with some fruit-infused water 😉 Also, sparkling water makes a delicious replacement to all the naughty stuff.


  • Practice Mindfulness – Get in touch with yourself, refresh and re-charge. Journaling, practice your spirituality, meditate and do your affirmations using visualization and feelings.


  • Read -Time to actually read all those books you’ve invested in – 3 recommended reads include The 5 AM Club, The Simple art of not giving a F**** and The Magic of Thinking Big.


  • Goal setting – Work on your vision board, goals and your 1, 3 and 5-year plan – the year is still young my friends. Some people plan their holidays better than they plan their lives so think and DREAM BIG!


  • Listen to music and podcasts – My dad recommends listening to André Rieu he’s a softy for classical music! Spotify is my go-to platform for podcasts and I strongly believe that this is an amazing way to digest information according to your own time. Tom Bilyeu is a fav!


  • Spend time with your pets -The COVID-19 doesn’t affect animals – spend time with your pets for at least 30 minutes a day, it’s truly healing and will make them AND YOU very happy.


  • Watch movies -Time to re-install your DSTV subscription, or invest in Showmax and Netflix. Indulge in that series you’ve been wanting to get to.


  • Exercise- Social isolation doesn’t mean you are allowed to slack on your fitness -Home workouts video’s on YouTube are a must! There are so many exercises that you don’t need equipment for, it’s a great opportunity to get creative.


  • Practice Hobbies -Time to practice your make-up and cooking skills. Art, drawing singing, dancing, board games, knitting, sewing, DIY around the house. Livalil!



  • Side-hustle – Might be a nice time to start that online business you’ve been planning in your mind. Come on, you know you want to.


  • Quality time -Spend time with those you live with – Husband, wife, kiddies, grandparents or phone a friend 😉 You can still make video calls and keep in touch. Call 5 friends you haven’t spoken to in ages and re-connect.



This is a time for us to stay safe, remain positive and keep the faith. Remember, we are all in this together. To all health care providers and anyone else helping to take care of our community as a whole – you are appreciated.


We can all do our bit to #Flattenthecurve!

Share this with your friends and loved ones who might appreciate the advice and want to just Livalil!


With love,

Zahra D x

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image credit to @cameronmarkart